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This website is maintained for our North American distributors and retailers to better serve the consumer. We will provide up to date information and assets for your use at this address. All images and presentation documents are copyright Hydor USA and may only be used with permission or as support in the pursuit of regular business as it pertains to Hydor's products.

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Retailer Performer Skimmer
Initial Stocking Demo Deal
THE DEAL: Buy three assorted units then send Hydor a copy of your distributor invoice and we will ship you a free 405, 505 or 705 Performer Skimmer (your choice) to set up in your store to demonstrate the efficiency of units to your customers. Offer Good Through December 31st, 2013. Download Order Form

Koralia Replacement Parts
The two most common issues seen in the previous version of the Koralia Evolution 550, 750, 1050, 1400 and Nanos are front cover damage and impeller shaft failure. The impeller's magnetic shaft may deteriorate over time and if the front cover becomes loose or damaged unit may be prone to run in reverse. In both cases, FREE replacement parts are available upon request.

Dealer-Consumer Catalog

This is our complete consumer product catalog designed for dealers to hand out in their store. You may order catalogs for use in your store by contacting us at

You may also download a digital copy of the catalog: Download Catalog

Dealer-Consumer Catalog

This is our complete Prodibio product catalog in digital form. If you would like a supply of Prodibio catalogs, supplies are available upon request. You may order catalogs for use in your store by contacting us at

You may also download a digital copy of the catalog: Download Catalog

View Hydor's Video Library
Slim Skim Video Magi Klean Video Magi Klean Video
All about Hydor's Slim Skims Hydor's Magi Klean really works Hydor's Smart Wave Controller

Prodibio Startup Video Prodibio BioKit Reef Video Prodibio BioDigest Video
Prodibio Startup Prodibio BioKit Reef Prodibio BioDigest

Official Canister Video Setup Steps for the Canister Inline Heater Video
Official Canister Video Detailed Canister Setup Hydor Inline Heater

Hydor's Slim Skims Smart Level - Top Off Controller Inline Heater Video
Slim Skim Video Smart Level Controller Setting up a Koralia

Smart Level - Top Off Controller
Smart Wave Pump Controller

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